About Two Premieres and a Reunion:

“music that reveals the unexpected joys and shadowy depths of the American experience”
-The New Yorker Magazine [read more]

About “I Wish They All Could Be. . .” 

“. . . a dense but playful harmonic frame.”
-The New York Times [read more]
“. . .stinging, Beach-Boys-meets-minimalism score, tinged with Mozartian grace.”
-Oakland (CA) Tribune

About The Golden Gate:

“One of the best new operas of the 21st Century.”
-Opera News [read more]

“. . lithe melodic lines that flow and entwine in the manner of Monteverdi”
-The New York Times [read more]

“The music itself is sinuous and fluid, always in movement and always responsive to the text.”
-Musical America [read more]

About Photo-Op: 

“It’s wonderful fun and shouldn’t be missed.”
-Washington Post [read more]

“an irresistible choice in a Presidential election year.”
-Chamber Music

“ . . . the wily irony of Weill and Brecht”
-The New York Post

“insouciant, exhilarating, accessible, and disarmingly likable music. . . strikingly original.”
-CD Review

“While the blamelessly diatonic melodies recall Virgil Thomson, the structures enlist and adapt minimalist procedures for satirical ends.”
-The New Yorker

“Cummings’s musical style is weird, but its logic ultimately convinces.”
-The Village Voice

“an eminently stageable morality revue about the fatuousness of American politics.”
-The New York Times [read more]

About Insertions:

“The music is sharply invented and trimly and surely composed.”
-The New Yorker

About Positions 1956:

“This is what theatre and certainly opera should be but rarely is.”
-DC Theatre Scene [read more]

“. . . the rhetoric of Handelian oratorio and the dance styles of the Arthur Murray, from anun-cha-cha-like but lovely cha-cha to the Viennese waltz.”
-Washington Post [read more]

About Tonkin:

“. . . an emotional impact heightened by its sympathy for both sides.”
-The Washington Post [read more]

“Mr. Cummings samples musical history for techniques and sonorities the way rappers sample pop rhythms.”
-The New York Times [read more]

“ . . . a more complex view of war than any previous writer for the operatic stage.”
-The Washington Post [read more]

“Mr. Cummings’ and Mr. Bird’s hearts are clearly in the right place: they want their opera to be as broadly accessible as possible.”
-The New York Observer

About Eros and Psyche:

“To say that ‘Eros and Psyche’ is entertaining is an understatement.”
-Musical America

“I can’t think of anybody else who’s doing what he’s doing right now.”
-The New Yorker’s Andrew Porter

“ . . . a delightful opera. It has charm, wit and plenty of content.”
-Opera Magazine (London)

About Summer Air:

“ . . . this deft, delicately scored, and beguiling work.”
-The New Yorker Magazine