“Like a latter-day Virgil Thomson, Conrad Cummings writes a deceptively plain kind of music that reveals the unexpected joys and shadowy depths of the American experience.”

– The New Yorker Magazine

“One of the best new operas of the 21st Century.”

-Opera News Magazine

“. . . clear, appealing score. . . lithe melodic lines that flow and entwine in the manner of Monteverdi. . . intensity more often encountered in Stephen Sondheim’s musicals. . .”

– The New York Times

“. . . wonderful fun. . .eerily timely. . .the music – minimalist with a touch of almost wistful lyricism – nailed the humor. . shouldn’t be missed.”

–The Washington Post

“Mr. Cummings samples musical history for techniques and sonorities the way rappers sample pop rhythms.”

– The New York Times